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Six Weeks

Written by Pat on November 19th, 2008

Today makes it six weeks since the little Lorigans got pulled out of Shae and stole our sleep and free time. Not a lot is new, so I figured it was time for another list.

  • The first couple of days we had the twins I thought the black tar meconium poop was really gross, but at least they only went once or twice a day. Then they got through the tar-poop phase and started destroying 5-8 diapers a day and spraying poop all over the walls. I missed the meconium days and longed for the days of 1-2 dumps a day (*2 of course). Now the babies have moved on again and are back to 1-2 a day but let’s just say the size and smell makes me nostaligic for the 8-a-day period. I can’t wait until they start exploding out of their diapers. Babies are fun!
  • These little things eat constantly. I seriously don’t know where it all goes. Jack isn’t that big; I have no idea where he hides the 1.5-2 lbs of milk/formula he eats a day. His poops are huge, but not that huge.
  • We’ll be heading up to King City on Friday. a 380 mile drive with two starving babies and a restless dog. This is going to be super awesome!
  • If you haven’t checked our image gallery lately, there’s some new pics of Jack.
  • A while back I wrote about the local strip club’s efforts to attract business. Well they’ve repainted again (this time it’s gray and pink), they still have the balloons, and now they’ve added a new attention grabber. Today when I got off the freeway I was greeted by a guy enthusiastically spinning a “Little Darlings” sandwich board sign. I guess they’re hoping the same guy who sees one of those signs and decides he needs a sandwich or a condo will make a detour on the way home from work. I was also wondering if the sign guy can take his payment in lap dances.
  • Shae has been playing with image editing software lately and updated her “Daily Photo” blog again (still not anywhere near daily, but at least it’s updated). They’re kind of cool, so if you have a few minutes take a look. Here’s a sample:

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