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Six Weeks

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Today makes it six weeks since the little Lorigans got pulled out of Shae and stole our sleep and free time. Not a lot is new, so I figured it was time for another list.

  • The first couple of days we had the twins I thought the black tar meconium poop was really gross, but at least they only went once or twice a day. Then they got through the tar-poop phase and started destroying 5-8 diapers a day and spraying poop all over the walls. I missed the meconium days and longed for the days of 1-2 dumps a day (*2 of course). Now the babies have moved on again and are back to 1-2 a day but let’s just say the size and smell makes me nostaligic for the 8-a-day period. I can’t wait until they start exploding out of their diapers. Babies are fun!
  • These little things eat constantly. I seriously don’t know where it all goes. Jack isn’t that big; I have no idea where he hides the 1.5-2 lbs of milk/formula he eats a day. His poops are huge, but not that huge.
  • We’ll be heading up to King City on Friday. a 380 mile drive with two starving babies and a restless dog. This is going to be super awesome!
  • If you haven’t checked our image gallery lately, there’s some new pics of Jack.
  • A while back I wrote about the local strip club’s efforts to attract business. Well they’ve repainted again (this time it’s gray and pink), they still have the balloons, and now they’ve added a new attention grabber. Today when I got off the freeway I was greeted by a guy enthusiastically spinning a “Little Darlings” sandwich board sign. I guess they’re hoping the same guy who sees one of those signs and decides he needs a sandwich or a condo will make a detour on the way home from work. I was also wondering if the sign guy can take his payment in lap dances.
  • Shae has been playing with image editing software lately and updated her “Daily Photo” blog again (still not anywhere near daily, but at least it’s updated). They’re kind of cool, so if you have a few minutes take a look. Here’s a sample:

Working Babies

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Not much new has happened in the past week. The babies still eat, poop, and sleep and that’s about it. They’re awake a little more during the day and they’re sleeping OK at night (but they still wake up two or three times to eat). Oh, and Jack has perfected the art of peeing all over Shae, the wall, and himself (I’ve been able to dodge him but it’s close).

The babies are definitely growing too. The day we brought them home, their outfits were huge on them. Yesterday they wore the same outfits and barely fit into them. They don’t really look that much bigger, but it’s pretty easy to tell they’ve grown when Jack’s pants stop at his ankles and Ella’s dress is way too short (a problem I’m sure I’ll have to address again in several years).

I figured the kids had gotten a free ride for long enough so yesterday they spent the afternoon at work with me (Shae tagged along too). My co-workers had been asking about the babies for a while and I didn’t feel much like working on a Friday afternoon so I decided it was a good day to bring my babies in for show and tell. Of course they were a huge hit, and in a minor upset neither one of them pooped in my office. The highlight (at least to me) was that I had to get visitor badges for the babies. I’m sure that 5.5 week old babies are a serious threat.

In case anyone hasn’t been told, we’ll be having “Baby Shower North” next Saturday (11/22) up in Lockwood (starting at 11:00). We’ll be having a BBQ and (of course) the babies will be in attendance (Lunchbox too). If you’re in the area and want to see some babies and have some food, bring a dish and a chair. Oh, and we’re registered at Babies R Us and Target.

One Month

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

On Friday, the twins turned one month old. To celebrate, they ate, slept, and crapped. It was lots of fun. There really isn’t much else to report. Like Shae said in her post, they both have colds (Jack’s is worse) so they aren’t as happy as they could be but they’re still doing OK. The whole sucking snot out of their nose thing is gross. You’d think someone would have come up with a better method to clean out their nose by now, but I guess not.

I started back at work full time this week, so I’m a little tired. It’s a little harder to get plenty of sleep when I can’t stay in bed until 10 or 11. I’m still working from home Tuesday and Thursday, so Shae isn’t totally alone with the kids all week. Lunchbox likes Tuesdays and Thursdays because he gets to go to work with me.

If anyone is wondering the difference between boys and girls, here’s my take. Girls cry and fuss a lot and boys pee in their mouth. I’m sure there are other differences, but those are the ones that stand out.

Long Days

Friday, November 7th, 2008

There hasn’t been an update in awhile so I think it’s time to fill you in on the happenings in the Lorigan home. As I am typing this, I am holding a sick little boy. At only 4 weeks old, both Ella and Jack have come down with colds. Jack is much worse then Ella. They are both very congested and Jack has a cough. My babies are so sweet and kind that they decided to share their colds with me. I don’t know if they actually gave me a cold or if it was the lack of sleep, but a couple days after we noticed the twins were sick, I was sick.

As an adult when I get sick I tend to whine a lot and make sure everyone knows how bad I feel. Now imagine two sick babies. They really let us know how they feel. Unfortunately, they let us know when it is time for bed or right as we are falling asleep. I at least make sure people are fully awake and are giving me their full attention before I start my complaining. These kids have a lot to learn.

My days have definitely gotten harder. I wake up between 5 and 6, depending on when Ella decides she needs her food NOW. We spend about a half an hour feeding and changing them and then I put them back in their bassinets with the hope of getting a little more sleep. Some days this works really well and other days I can kiss my sleep goodbye. The rest of my day consists of feeding and changing them over and over again. It seems like I feed them until they can’t eat anymore, go to change them and by the time the new diaper is on, they are crying for more food. I can’t figure out where all this food is going. I mean they are so tiny. When I finally get them to fall asleep for a few hours I am usually too tired to get all the important stuff done.

Night time is when it gets fun. Usually we head to the bedroom around 10 or 11. We feed and change the munchkins and try to put them down to sleep. They usually fuss and cry until around 2 or 3 and then it is time to feed them again. During this feeding both Pat and I almost always fall asleep and drop the bottle. This kind of pisses them off. During the night I have been averaging 4 hours of solid sleep. Pat tends to get more because he does not wake up at every little sound. Lucky. Last night we were all so tired that we headed to bed at 8. I was hoping our bedtime game would end early. No such luck. Once again they fussed and cried until about 2. So no matter what time we go to bed, I am not going to get to sleep until after 2.

On the plus side, I get to watch a lot of great infomercials. My favorite is for the Jawhorse. It is a $200 sawhorse with a vice. Who would pay that much for a sawhorse? Oh, and I like the ExtenZe one too. I won’t go into much detail, but I will say it is a product for men and endorsed by Ron Jeremy. Anyways, to make a long story short, My day is extremely busy for not doing anything.