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Jack Found A New Friend

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

A couple of nights ago in the bath, Jack found a new friend: his…ummm…junk. That’s right, Tuesday night was the night that Jack figured out he had some stuff down there to pay attention to. The entire bath he just looked at his penis, and then looked up at us and smiled and squealed. Just to prove it wasn’t a one-time thing, he was just as excited tonight.  I’m sure we’ll get him to stop playing with it eventually. Or, maybe not.

Some pics of the kids during Jack’s “discovery” bath:

Kiddo Update

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Between work and the babies it’s been pretty crazy around here.  Also, there isn’t much to report. Jack and Ella are still standing and crawling all over the place, but neither one is walking yet. It’s still weird to walk into (or by) the babies’ room and see them standing up “talking” to each other.  The downside of their standing, of course, is that they fall a lot now. Ella seems to bonk her head into things a lot more often, but that’s probably because she’s starting to try to get around while Jackson is still happy to try to pull stuff off of the table.

That’s really about it right now. The twins are already coming up on their first birthday and will be turning one on October 7th. We’ll be having a birthday party for them on the 10th so that should be fun.

Here are a few new photos of the munchkins:

Mr. Jackson Goes To The Doctor

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

We were trying to make it a year without having to take the babies to the doctor (outside of scheduled checkups); we almost made it 10-months. During bathtime on Wednesday night, I noticed that one of Jack’s ears was looking red. Shae thought it might just be irritated from the bath, but when his ear was still red Thursday it was time for Jack to go see the doc so she called and made an appointment.

Friday morning, Jack’s ear wasn’t red but it was still “yucky”, so we loaded the babies up and went to get it ear taken care of. For the first time, we had to use the “Sick Entrance” at the doc’s office. Luckily there weren’t any other sick kids in the waiting room, so Ella and Jack just crawled all over the place and kept themselves busy.  They really liked having a huge empty area to crawl all over, and they took advantage. I was almost sorry when the nurse came to take us back to the exam room.

Once we got back to the exam room, the nurse weighed Jack (19lbs, 8ozs) and left us to wait for the doc. As soon as the the nurse left the room, we stripped down Ella and weighed her too (18lbs, 2ozs). We got her dressed quick enough that the doc never even knew we snuck in a free weighing. A few minutes later the doctor came in, took a look at Jack’s ear, confirmed it was an ear infection, and prescribed some ear drops to give our boy. The whole check-up took about 5 minutes at most.

That is about it for our first trip through the Sick Entrance.  Jack is doing fine, and hopefully after a few days his ear will be all cleared up.  Other than that, the kiddos are doing great.  They’re both standing up all the time, and they are even starting to figure out the whole balancing thing (Ella can balance herself for about five seconds now).  It really isn’t going to be long until they are walking and running around.