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My Monkeys

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

As everyone knows, one of my favorite place to go is the zoo.  We love going to visit the polar bears and elephants and watching the meerkats play, but my favorite place is the monkey trail.  It is so much fun watching the monkeys jump around and climb all over the structures.  I think last time I was there, two of them must have climbed into the stroller and disguised themselves like Jack and Ella, and come home with us!

Yup, I am raising two little monkeys.

The girl one grabs the bars of her cage (crib) and starts jumping on the mattress while squealing!  Sometimes she will get so into that she can move the crib across the room I will go in to check them and find all her blankets, pillows and crib toys on the ground.  It doesn’t stop at the crib.  In the living room she doesn’t really play with her toys much, instead, she throws them across the room and tries to hit the boy with them.  I guess it is better than throwing poop like they do in the zoo.

Now for the boy monkey.  He truly embodies everything about one!  He too jumps around in cage and throws his stuff out onto the floor, but he takes it a little further.  His new thing he does to avoid taking a nap is taking off his diaper and peeing all over himself!!!  I don’t think I have enough sheets to make it through this phase.  I have been lucky enough that it has just been pee.  You may be asking, “Why don’t you just put pants on him?”  Well, I have two answers for you.  First, we live in San Diego in a house that heats up like a sauna and second, when we do put him in pants he always manages to take them off and throw them out of the crib.  Next comes the living room.  He is becoming the little climber!  He has figured out how to climb up on the couch.  We have been dreading this for awhile now because we use the couch as part of our baby proofing barrier.  He has almost figured out how to climb out of the pack n play.  This sucks!  The pack and play is where I contain them when I need to get something done or run to the bathroom!  I guess the next step will be to put a top on the pack n play and start charging people to come over and gawk at our little monkeys.

I won’t be surprised when they start climbing on the coffee table or picking bugs off each other or the dog.