February, 2010

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Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Our family has suffered a devastating loss today.  That’s right, Jack got his curls cut off today.  Actually, today both kiddos went in for their first haircuts.  They did such a great job.  I spent most of my time with Jack because he tends to be a little crybaby when I leave his side.  Since he doesn’t handle change too well, I figured he would be crying, but he did great!  Not a peep out of him until the stylist brought out the buzzers.  Jacks hates loud noise, so he didn’t like it very much.  I ended up having to hold him so she could trim his neck.

Ella did really well too.  Pat stayed with her while she got her bangs trimmed and straightened.  The stylist basically fixed what I did to her hair a few months ago.  Since Ella didn’t have much that needed cut, the stylist put some pretty little twisty things with bows in her hair.  She looked very pretty.  When she was done, she came over and watched brother finish up.  When Jack started crying because of the buzzers, she started crying too.  It was kinda sweet.

Here are some pictures of the new haircuts.

A little of this and a little of that

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

OK, this is pretty much a catch-up type post.  Everyone is doing pretty well at the Lorigan house and the kiddos are growing up way too fast!  Since Christmas, they are much more sure of their footing and are even starting to run.  We got a couple new gates to block off the kitchen, so the kiddos now have full access to the rest of the house.  They love running up and down the hallway yelling.  I think they just like hearing the echo.  on Wednesday the kiddos went in for their 16 month checkup and everything looked good, well, Ella has a little bit of athlete’s foot, but other than that, it’s all good.  Ella now weighs 22lbs and is 30 3/4 inches tall.  Jack weighs 21.14 and is 30 3/4 inches tall.  They are both on the smaller side, but they are nice and healthy, so it’s OK.

While the rest of the country is dealing with horrible snow storms, San Diego was nice and sunny today.  We decided to take the kids and Lunchbox out for a little stroll around the neighborhood.  Since the kids are much more secure on their feet we let them out of the stroller to explore.  One of my favorite things about our neighborhood is the median that runs through the main street.  For the most part is covered in sidewalk and has trees and grass lining the sides.  It is very wide, so we don’t really have to worry about the kids running out into the street yet.  Even if they did wander into the street, very few cars ever drive by.  Anyway, we let the kiddos out to explore and they had a great time.  Of course I brought my camera so there are some pictures at the bottom.  Ella decided she wanted to push the stroller and Jack decided he wanted pick up rocks and sticks and stuff like that.  Overall, it was a beautiful, and great day for a walk.

Pat has been traveling a lot for work so it is really nice to have home for a few weeks before he has to fly out again.  This last time really sucked.  Pat was supposed to be gone for a day and ended up getting snowed in and came home 3 days later.  During this time, my car decided to break down.  I had Pat’s car, but the stroller doesn’t fit in the trunk so I was stuck at home.  It made me realize how dependent on my car I am.  Well, I was stuck in a house without food, so I had to use the Vons grocery delivery service.  It was great!  I see myself using it a lot more.  It was so easy!  Well, I was glad when Pat finally made it home and was able to give me a break from the kids.

I guess that’s all I really have for now.