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The “I Will Nevers” of Pre-Parenting

Friday, May 27th, 2011

As Ella was laying in bed with me this morning, watching Disney Channel, it made me think back to before I had kids and I swore that I would never let my kids jump in bed with me. It made me think about all those things I told myself I would never do, and about all those other moms I would see and judge.

Watch TV: When I grew up we really didn’t have tv. I mean, we had a set but it only got one channel that was clear. I remember the only time I was really allowed to watch it was on Saturday mornings back when they had Saturday morning cartoons. Now we seem to have Disney Channel and Nick Jr. on all the time. If it’s not kids’ tv shows, then we have it on the kids’ radio station.

Eat junk food: I always swore that my kids would always eat healthy, wholesome meals and snacks. I always try and cook a nice healthy dinner for Pat and I, and I told myself that my kids would eat what we eat. Well, now my freezer seems to be filled with Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets and hot dogs and my pantry is filled with mac n cheese, pop tarts, and chewy fruit snacks. Yes, I still try and get them to eat what I make for dinner, but sometimes it’s just not worth the struggle.

Let my kids have tantrums in public: It used to be when I was out shopping and I would see a kid acting out, I would totally scoff at them. Now I can’t seem to make it out of the store without one of mine throwing themselves on the floor in a tantrum because I won’t let them pull stuff off the shelves. Shopping trips are always an adventure for me.

Leave the house looking like shit: Before I had kids I used to take my time doing my hair and makeup almost every morning. I made sure I always matched and looked my best when I left the house. Now I’m lucky if I can even get a shower everyday. My hair always goes back because with 2 two year olds to watch, I just can’t spend 30 minutes making it look perfect. Sure, I will still put on makeup sometimes, but it is a pain in the ass. Since I need to have eyes on the kids, that means doing it at the kitchen table and having the kids try and get into everything or them getting upset because I wont let Jack wear eyeliner. Now a days, I end up just throwing on whatever has the fewest stains.

Have my living room look like a day care: before I had kids and watched Disney Channel all day, I would watch some of those home makeover shows. Most of the time they made over the living rooms and they were full of toys. It looked more like a daycare or playroom, than a nice living room. I always told myself that my kids would keep all their toys in their room and only play with them in there. Well, now my living room has turned into the playroom. At first I was pretty good at making sure all the toys fit in the HUGE toy box we have, but then as they got older, their toys got bigger and now sit next to the toy box. I even have two drawers in our entertainment center just for toys and books. Hopefully I’ll get my living room back someday.

Take my kids to McDonalds: I always knew that if I had kids I would end up taking the to McDs on the very rare occation and I was OK with that. That rare occation turned into whenever we traveled and that then turned into whenever I needed a quick meal for them. I’m not as totally against it now that they are putting apples in the happy meals, but still.

I’m sure there are more, but these are just a few of the things that I think of regularly. Now I have to go clean up the chocolate milk and pop tart mess that is left over from breakfast.