Working Babies

Written by Pat on November 16th, 2008

Not much new has happened in the past week. The babies still eat, poop, and sleep and that’s about it. They’re awake a little more during the day and they’re sleeping OK at night (but they still wake up two or three times to eat). Oh, and Jack has perfected the art of peeing all over Shae, the wall, and himself (I’ve been able to dodge him but it’s close).

The babies are definitely growing too. The day we brought them home, their outfits were huge on them. Yesterday they wore the same outfits and barely fit into them. They don’t really look that much bigger, but it’s pretty easy to tell they’ve grown when Jack’s pants stop at his ankles and Ella’s dress is way too short (a problem I’m sure I’ll have to address again in several years).

I figured the kids had gotten a free ride for long enough so yesterday they spent the afternoon at work with me (Shae tagged along too). My co-workers had been asking about the babies for a while and I didn’t feel much like working on a Friday afternoon so I decided it was a good day to bring my babies in for show and tell. Of course they were a huge hit, and in a minor upset neither one of them pooped in my office. The highlight (at least to me) was that I had to get visitor badges for the babies. I’m sure that 5.5 week old babies are a serious threat.

In case anyone hasn’t been told, we’ll be having “Baby Shower North” next Saturday (11/22) up in Lockwood (starting at 11:00). We’ll be having a BBQ and (of course) the babies will be in attendance (Lunchbox too). If you’re in the area and want to see some babies and have some food, bring a dish and a chair. Oh, and we’re registered at Babies R Us and Target.

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