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Pretty Slow Around Here

Written by Pat on April 17th, 2008

I wish I had more stories to share about pregnant Shae, but not a lot is going on. Just to keep everyone updated, here’s pretty much everything that’s happening:

  • We have another doctor appointment next week but until then it’s pretty much just life with Shae and all of her personalities.
  • According to the doc we will be able to tell the sex(es) at around 18 weeks which means we won’t know until the appointment after this one at the soonest (probably another month or so).
  • Lately Shae’s had a craving for pickles which if I’m not mistaken is what got us into this pickle in the first place (everyone see what I did there?). Some might say that was too easy but with as slow as things have been around here, I’m using it anyway.
  • Shae has headaches, back-aches, lots of pee-breaks, and a lot of other ‘akes’ I can’t think of right now.

Since there’s not much new on the pregnancy front, guess what I get to write about…that’s right, more Lunchbox. Apparently, our dog has gone from top dog to having to repeat his canine-good-citizenship (CGC) class. Actually, it’s not LB, it’s the entire class that has been advised to repeat. We think our pup would pass his test OK, but CGC class is fun so if we can retake it at a discount (which we can) we have no problem with that. Besides, right now CGC is the most exciting thing we have going on.

Last weekend our class was at Chollas Lake Park. This class was by far the closest to home so of course we were the last ones to show up (although we still got there right on time). It was in the mid 90’s on Sunday, and the dogs were definitely distracted by the heat. When we walked out on dock the dogs (especially LB) had problems walking on the hot surface and we had to cut our time on the dock short. I guess we should have taken Lunchbox’s booties with us to class.

After about 40 more minutes of working with the dogs we finally gave up (the dogs were having a really hard time dealing with the heat) and were in the middle of discussing issues we’re having with our dogs (not us of course, LB is perfect) when a cop pulled up and told us we had to leave because the park was closing. It was a little early but we didn’t think too much of it and started wandering up to our cars. I started to sense something was up when he went up to everyone else in the park and told them it was time to leave because they were closing the park. “Closing the park” sounded a little more ominous than the park closing, but maybe it’s just me. As we were loading up (AKA helping our pathetic dog into the car) another cop pulled up and announced over the loud speaker that park was closed and everyone had to leave. Shae made a comment along the lines of “did they find a dead body or something?” and sure enough the lady getting into the car next to us informed us that, in fact, they did.

This week we’re taking the dogs to an Italian restaurant for dinner, which I’m sure will be plenty exciting too. I just hope there are no dead bodies involved.

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    Hey, I see what you did there. Pickles.


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