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Not Much Going On

Written by Pat on March 20th, 2008

Well, there isn’t a lot to share since last week. Outside of the daily terror that is living with a hormonal Shae, things are pretty quiet here in the Lorigan household.

Sarah came down to San Diego last weekend to get her dose of Pat, Shae, and the Box. We took it pretty easy but we found time to take the dog out on a hike (shortened by the rain) and watch a few movies. Oh, and in anticipation of our trip to Death Valley this weekend, we got Lunchbox some booties. Shae swears he needs them because of the harsh terrain in the desert. I think she just wanted to watch this:

Shae and I are off to Death Valley until Monday. Somehow I agreed to this without realizing I was going to miss out on the opening weekend of March Madness. So instead of watching non-stop basketball action and watching my brackets fall apart I get to share a tent with a pregnant wife and a gassy dog. Actually, we’re really looking forward to the weekend and hopefully Shae will have some pictures to post on her Daily Photo blog (I’m not sure she knows the meaning of the word daily).

Happy Easter to everyone, and good luck to everyone with their March Madness brackets.

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  1. Justin LL. says:

    dude, why does he walk like that when he’s wearing those shoes? Do you think he knows what’s going on?

  2. Pat says:

    I’m not sure he knew what to make of the shoes at first, but after a few days of walking around on sharp rocks in the desert he sure loved them. He still walks funny in them though.

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