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Dancing Peanuts

Written by Pat on March 28th, 2008

I’m working on Death Valley recap, but until that’s posted I thought I’d go ahead and give everyone an update on the babies.

Shae had another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and everything was fine. Well, almost everything. For the last few months, every time the mood strikes her (usually in the car) Shae breaks into a ridiculous “dance.” Every time I give her the “Really? Stop. You’re embarrassing yourself and everyone who’s ever known you.” look she plays the damn “The babies made me do it” card. (Also, the babies make her flip me off a lot and say a lot of mean things to their father.) Guess what those damn little sea monkeys were doing when doc fired up the ultrasound? Yup, they were dancing. Actually, the dance they were doing looked about the same as the spasms Shae has been blaming on them. Great, now I’m never going to hear the end of this. On the bright side, the doc didn’t find anymore babies so I’m gonna call the appointment a good one.

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