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Life Of The Lorigans » Blog Archive » Excitement


Written by Pat on February 17th, 2009

For some people, excitement is jumping out of an airplane or driving a
race car. For others, it’s the opening of spring training. Then
there’s me. Nowadays, my life pretty much has two forms of excitement.

The first happens almost every time I change a diaper. For just a
moment after I rip the diaper open there’s a split second where
anything can happen. It’s like a game of diaper roulette (unless I can
already smell the danger, in which case I’ve already lost). Most of
the time it’s an innocent enough wet diaper, but every so often one of
the babies has a stinky surprise for me. I don’t know how they can
keep something that foul a secret, bit they find a way.

The second source of excitement occurs more often and is a lot more
dangerous. Every couple of nights we give the munchkins baths. One of
us gets in the tub to bathe them while the other takes care of getting
the little ones ready and bringing them into the bathroom. That’s the
exciting job. It’s about 15 steps from the changing table to the bath.
Normally this isn’t a big deal, but when you’re carrying a naked baby
chanting “Don’t pee. Don’t pee. Don’t pee!” it seems more like 15
miles. So far we’ve both made it without either baby making a mess,
but it’s been close a few times and it’s only a matter of time before
one of us isn’t so lucky. Sure, we could just carry the babies into
the bathroom and then take off their diapers, but what’s the fun in
that? Then we’d have to jump out of an airplane to get our excitement

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