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I’m That Guy

Written by Pat on February 17th, 2009

It started innocently enough with a couple of pictures on my desk. Shae gave me two frames for Christmas (one for each kid), and I picked out my favorite pic of each and took them into work. A few days later I finally gave in and changed my computer desktop to pics of the kids (again, one baby on each monitor). So far, things weren’t too bad. Sure I had a couple of pics on my desk and my background, but the frames were small and most of the time my desktops were covered up by applications.

I think I can blame everything that happened next on Shae. The problem is that she has taken tons of great pics of the babies and I couldn’t figure out which ones I wanted as my background. The only solution I could come up with was to pick a bunch of the pictures and then just set my desktop to randomly change images every 15 minutes or so. Of course, I still rarely saw my desktop because it was always hidden behind my applications. So I did the only thing I could: I changed my screen saver to use all of the baby pictures.

I’m not sure exactly how I got here, but now I’m that guy. If you walk into my office you’ll see a couple of pictures sitting on my desk, a screen saver that covers two monitors with images of the babies, more pics of the kids covering my desktop, and my “Exhausted! (Father Of Twins)” mug full of coffee. My phone background is Ella and LB, and my Facebook profile pic is me and Jack. I thought I was bad with Lunchbox, but a couple of snapshots on my phone don’t compare to this. I knew this would happen eventually, but I didn’t know it would only take four months. Well, I gotta go. I think I just found another picture that would look great as my screen saver. Or on my phone.

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