Welcome To Our Life

Written by Pat on February 13th, 2008

Ok, so I give up. I’m starting a blog. I figure if Shae has two blogs (The Garden Files and The Daily Photo) maybe it’s time I finally started one. I figure rather than telling the same boring story to everyone individually I can just type it up here and let everyone ignore me much easier.

So what’s going to be in my blog? Who knows. The plan is for Shae and I to share what’s going on with the dog, the house, the business, work, etc. Of course, since I’m involved it could very well turn into a place for me to share stories of my adventures using the restroom at work. We could update it every day, or this might be the only post we ever write (I’m betting it’s somewhere in the middle).

If you need your fix of Pat and Shae before we post something interesting, head on over to our pictures and spend some time looking at pictures of Lunchbox.

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