A Weekend With The Dog

Written by Pat on February 18th, 2008

Now I’m sure there were a lot of good reasons for the Writers’ Strike, but I just don’t care. My DVRs can only hold so many shows and at this point all I have left are reruns of “My Big Redneck Wedding.” I just hope they get some new shows on the air soon so I can get back to sitting around on my ass all weekend. This is all just my long-winded way of saying Shae and I didn’t have any TV shows to watch this weekend, so we were forced to leave the house.

Friday and Saturday, we took Lunchbox to the La Mesa dog park. The last (and only) time we took LB to a dog park (in OB), he started the day getting pissed on and ended it running away from a 3-month old shepherd puppy. In between he played for a while and got beat up by a little mutt. We figured it was time to see if our big pansy was ready to try our local park.

Friday afternoon we decided to get off our ass and get the dog some exercise. After finally finding the park (thanks Garmin) we got LB out of the car and into the dog run. As soon as we got into the park three dogs ran up and surrounded our poor little baby. After everyone was introduced (and Lunchbox didn’t get peed on, baby steps) we started wandering around the dog run. Shae and I found a nice bench and decided to have a seat and watch LB play with (aka run away from) the other dogs. Of course, Lunchbox decided it would be fun to play with the 120-lb hump-happy German Shepherd. We spent the rest of our stay at the dog park watching LB run up to the shepherd and then run away just before he got mounted. I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere; feel free to post it below. Saturday was another trip to the park, and more of the same. Lunchbox was more comfortable with the other dogs and spent the day running around with a dalmatian. We spent about an hour and a half there and LB didn’t get peed on or humped, so I’m calling the day a win.

On Sunday, Shae and I wanted to get some exercise too so we decided to take Lunchbox and go for a hike over at Mission Trails Park. I think the real reason we went to Mission Trails was so Shae could take pictures, but we’re going to stick with the exercise story. It was a nice hike, but for the most part there isn’t a lot to say. It was fun, pretty (very green because of the recent rain), and a beautiful day. Of course, LB made sure the day wasn’t completely uneventful. After hiking for a while, we came to a spot in the trail that the rain had turned into one big puddle. I saw a way to get around the puddle without getting TOO wet, but Lunchbox had a different plan. As I was doing my best to stay dry, LB figured out he was in water (he is definitely a water dog) and started splashing around, jumping in circles, and generally covering me in muddy water. About 20 yards after the puddle we discovered that the entire path was flooded and we had to turn around and head back across the puddle. This time Shae was ready with the camera.

All in all, it was a fun weekend. We didn’t remember to take the camera to the dog park, but here are some more pictures of our hike.

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  1. Guess Who says:

    You know Lunchpail’s just pissed you’re wearing a Padres hat, right?

  2. Pat says:

    I guess we just need to get LB a Padres bandanna now.

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