Growing Babies

Written by Pat on December 11th, 2008

Today was Jack and Ella’s two month checkup. We don’t have an easy/accurate way to weigh them so we had kind of been looking forward to the appointment so we could find out exactly how much they have grown in the past couple of months. The Cliff’s Notes version: everything is fine. For those with a little more time, here’s the recap.

We got to the doctor’s office right on time and proceeded to wait for our turn to head to one of the exam rooms. I think they decided that because we had twins we should wait twice as long, but eventually we got the call. As the nurse guided us to the exam room we realized that we were heading to the same room where Jack got his junk snipped. I was hoping this visit wouldn’t be quite as bad for him, but then again it would be kind of hard to be much worse.

After another round of waiting, a nurse finally came in and took the babies’ measurements. Ella weighed 11 lbs. and was 23″ tall. I guess this puts her right about average for weight and above average for height. Apparently my little girl is a tall one. I don’t think she gets her height from her mother. At the rate Ella’s going, she should pass Shae up somewhere around 3 years old.

Once the nurse was all done with Ella it was Jack’s turn. Jack weighed in at a solid 11. lbs 6 oz. and was 22.5″ tall. I guess he made up for being 7 oz. lighter at birth. Of course Jack cheated a little bit by eating over 10 ounces of formula before the appointment, but he was still the winner of the weigh-off. Even though Jack was 6 ounces heavier, he is a little below average because boys are usually a little bigger. All I know is he has almost doubled in size in the past two months so he’s doing just fine.

The nurse left and the doctor eventually came in and took a look at the twins. Now we are very happy with the babies’ doctor, but there was a kind of odd exchange today. He came in and looked at the babies for a second, pointed to Ella and said “That’s the girl, right? I’m not sure what it is, but something in their faces helps you tell boys and girls apart.” You know what else helps? The girl is wrapped up in a pink blanket and the boy is wrapped up in a blue one. That might be a clue too. After taking a look at the babies and their measurements he told us everything was fine and went over the vaccinations the Jack and Ella would be getting.

After our longest wait yet, a nurse finally came in with a handful of needles. This was the hard part. Each of the babies got three shots and an oral vaccination. They were not happy to get their shots. It was not fun to watch them get jabbed. Poor little Jack, last time he went to the doctor he got snipped and this time he got jabbed. He’s not even old enough for a lollipop yet so he doesn’t even have that going for him.

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