Two Months

Written by Pat on December 8th, 2008

Today makes it two months since the little ones got pulled into the world and I figured it was time for another baby update. The babies don’t give me a lot of time to sit down and type, so I’m going with yet another lazy-list.

  • I know everyone always talks about how fast the babies change, but you don’t really realize exactly how fast until you hang out with the little guys every day. They change literally overnight. (And I mean in the real form of the word “literally”, not in the “my head literally exploded” way that really means the exact opposite. It really annoys me when people use “literally” and mean “figuratively”.) Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Ella woke up one morning smiling like crazy when the night before she hadn’t even cracked a smile once. It’s pretty cool to watch their entire personalities develop and change from day-to-day.
  • Speaking of smiling, they’re doing a lot of that lately. Ella smiles like crazy (when she isn’t crying of course), and Jack has been doing more lately too. They’re a lot more fun to interact with now. Instead of just watching them sleep, now we can actually tickle Ella’s chin and watch her smile. They’re almost like little people.
  • Babies fart all the time, and it’s really loud. You know what else it is? Hilarious. I don’t care how old I get, farts are always funny. I laugh almost every time one of the twins rips a really loud fart when we’re sitting out on the couch. Every so often Shae and I look at each other accusingly because it’s hard to believe these little babies can make those noises.
  • Ella popped out a minute earlier, and she seems to be trying to maintain her status as the oldest. She’s still bigger (just a little), smiled first (by about a week), and she’s starting to laugh/squeal first. I’m sure Jack will catch up. Besides, he peed in his mouth first and I don’t think Ella’s going to catch him on that one.
  • The babies are in the middle of another growth spurt and are eating like crazy. They eat all night and all day. The other night they actually ate from the time we went to bed until we got up to feed LB at 6am. I hope they get threw this spurt pretty quick because Costco only carries so much formula.

That’s about it for now. The babies go in for their two month checkup on Wednesday so we should have an update on their weights, health etc. after that. We’re all doing fine, although Shae and I could definitely use a little more rest.

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  1. Scott, Lyndee, Gunner & Karlee says:

    I LOVE your updates and I’m SO glad to hear you guys are still alive 🙂 The first 2-3 months were ROUGH for us, but I promise you won’t hardly remember them in a couple more months (I think lack of sleep messes with your memory!) I swear from here on out every day will get better, and the babies will get sweeter and sweeter. They’ll still crap a lot and it will even start to stink even worse, but those smiles and giggles make it all worth it.

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