Videos and Vacuums

Written by Pat on August 8th, 2008

A couple of additions to yesterday’s post:

  • Shae and I are enrolled in a “birthing class” this weekend. It’s 9 – 3 Saturday and Sunday. Seriously? 12 hours of info on birthing? I’m pretty sure we’re going to be watching at least one of those horrible videos they made us watch in health class. I think it’s a little late to scare us out of starting down the pregnancy path. I’m terrified of this weekend. I think by noon on Saturday I’m going to be sitting there in shock, and by 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon I’ll probably be catatonic. Yay!
  • As Shae and I were laying in bed last night, a commercial for the “Pos-T-Vac” vacuum therapy system came on. I couldn’t find the actual commercial from last night, but I did find this video on YouTube. I don’t want to ruin it, but it’s a vacuum for your…ummm…package that supposedly is for people who don’t want to use the little blue pill. Oh, and apparently it’s covered by medicare. I’d love to see that receipt. In my search for the commercial I also came across this page (scroll about halfway down). If I were looking for reviews on shop vacs, I’m not sure a junk vac would be very useful. At least a carrying case is included.

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