Splash Down

Written by Pat on July 14th, 2009

I guess it was bound to happen, but tonight both Jack and Ella discovered splashing in the bath.  Bath-time was going pretty well, and then Jack realized that if he hit the water it created a splash. That was so much fun that he decided to try it with a toy in his hand. That was even better, so he tried toys in both hands at the same time. Let’s just say Jack thoroughly enjoyed himself, Ella tried to see how loud she could scream, and Shae and I got soaked.

Never one to let her brother have all the fun, Ella finally decided she would try the whole splashing thing too. That’s when the fun really started. For the next 5-10 minutes the twins sat in the tub and splashed each other while Ella squealed (and I swear after an especially loud on she said “sorry”). Fun times. I think bath time just got a lot more exciting.

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  1. Aunt Dorothy says:

    A million thanks for the postings. I know those back packs will be much enjoyed. Even when they twins are really walking, those trips to Disneyworld require some serious carrying. And the pool rafts look great. The cover and all are just what I need to enjoy the water! And the beach must have been a blast. You have done a great job of making us feel part of the process.
    Ella and Jack seem to really relate to each other. I think that is what the toy snatching is all about -“You aren’t me, but you should be!” Splashing and screaming in the tub! All you needed was LB trying to protect someone or joining in the row. Do you suppose it is even possible for a twin to be autistic? More likely they will have their own language, and LB will probably understand it best of all, before they worry about communicating with you. I think Ella’s pacifier addiction is just to protect Jack from the “hard stuff.” Did all that drooling result in any teeth yet? I think you’ve emailed me before, but the “old” college address just came up, so just a reminder that we have adopted – along with half the businesses and the food stamp program – the trendy LONESTAR moniker.

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