Scootin’ Kiddos

Written by Pat on July 13th, 2009

Just thought I’d chime in with another update on the babies. They are nine-months old, and it’s hard to believe we’re closing in on a year already. My, how time flies.

Both Ella and Jack are crawling all over the place. Ella has mastered the more traditional crawl, while Jackson prefers the army-crawl. Ella scoots all over the house pretty well, but when Jack sees something he wants (a fan, power cords, etc.) he can get there surprisingly quick. They’re also both sitting up on their own. Even though they’ve been at it for a while, it is still funny to walk into their bedroom in the morning and find them sitting up “chatting”. Neither of them is walking yet, but they are both trying to pull themselves up and I wouldn’t be surprised if Shae walks in one morning to find one of them (most likely Ella) standing up in the crib.

Ella is a little terror. She loves to pick on her younger brother and take anything he’s got in his hands. Pacifiers, toys, bottles, whatever he has she wants. She’s also super-skinny. She eats and eats, but she just keeps getting taller and skinnier.

I hate to say it, but my son is kind of a pansy. In addition to getting picked on by his sister (although he has finally started fighting back and has almost mastered the hair-pull), he is terrified of loud noises. In the rare cases when we break out the vacuum, he cries and screams the whole time it’s on. He does the same thing whenever we have to turn on the air compressor to put air in the stroller tires, and he HATES it if Shae or I raise our voices at him or his sister (although he doesn’t seem to mind when we yell at Lunchbox). He is really sweet, but I sure hope he toughens up pretty soon.

That’s about it for now. We’re heading to Arizona for the weekend so hopefully we will have some more pictures of the kids swimming and riding in backpacks. It should be fun, and hopefully Shae and I will be able to get in some relaxation.

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  1. lamb says:

    It’s time to take Jackson to the gun range and a Spinal Tap concert.

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