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Written by Pat on May 30th, 2008

Today Shae and I finally went in for our first “real” ultrasound. We’ve gotten a look at the babies on our trips to see the doc, but today we went to see a specialist and got to take a look using a much better ultrasound machine. That means we were able to tell the sex(es) of the babies today. If you want to find out too, you’ll have to put up with my recap first.

Thanks to awesome scheduling, our appointment was at 1:45, so I got to take half a day off of work (Shae does all the “work” and I get time off…go me). While Shae filled out the insurance paperwork, I looked for a magazine to read. All I had to choose from were pregnancy magazines and US Weekly (I guess there aren’t too many men visiting this office), so I got to learn that famous people are “Just Like Us!” (they drink coffee, jog, and buy food…who knew?).

Eventually we got into the exam room and Shae jumped up on the table. The technician spread some gel all over my wife’s stomach and we took a look at our babies. The quality of the ultrasound was way better than the little one our doc had used, and it was pretty cool to see the kids so much more clearly. We thought we were in for a quick look at the kids and then we’d find out the sex(es). Not so much. The technician took measurements and pictures of pretty much every body part you can imagine: arms, legs, heart (one of each side), head, brain, skeleton, kidneys, bloodflow (with pretty colors…oohh…ahhh), genitalia, and probably some I can’t remember right now. After seeing pretty much every view of Baby A we could imagine, we finally got the one we wanted. If you can’t tell from the pic, Baby A is a girl.

After we were done looking at Baby A, we went through the whole thing again with Baby B. Everything was pretty much the same, except for a pretty substantial difference (I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with “schmenis”):

So, to recap, Shae got ultrasound gel in every crack and crevice imaginable, I got half a day off work, and we found out we’re having a boy and a girl. We were (not so) secretly hoping for one of each so we’re really excited. Lunchbox gets a brother to play with him and a sister to dress him up; he’s really excited (or it could have just been excitement over dinner, it’s hard to tell). We didn’t get sent home with all of the pics (they got sent to our doctor), but we got quite a few. You can take a look at them here.

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