Poops & Pickles

Written by Pat on May 17th, 2008

I guess my last post was a day too early. Today’s words of wisdom from the prego:

  • (Jabbing her stomach) “Our babies can hear us now if we talk directly to them. Babies! Wake up! I’m going to keep them awake so when they’re born they’ll sleep a lot.”
  • (At dinner) “Did you know if you drink a bunch of carrot juice in the morning your babies will like carrots? Our babies are going to like chicken noodle soup and mac & cheese. And chai tea frappuccinos. Ooohh…that mac and cheese looks good!” (The kid at the table across from us had a plate of macaroni and cheese.)
  • (Still at dinner) “Our babies can hear my bowel movements now. And they can recognize mine.” (At this point I tried to figure out what other bowel movements they could hear, but decided not to go there.) “Oh, and they can smell things too.” (I don’t know if those statements are related or not, but they came out back-to-back so I’m assuming they are.)
  • “They need to make chocolate covered pickles. Ooh! With peanut butter! Yeah…chocolate covered pickles filled with peanut butter. They have to be Bubbies pickles though.”

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