Lorigan Lockdown – Day 1

Written by Pat on March 16th, 2020

How’d I spend my first day teleworking? Driving into work, of course. Since word came out late in the weekend, we decided a few of us should be onsite for the morning to make sure everyone got the word on our new policy and answer any questions. Shockingly, there were only a couple of people who showed up. Tell everyone we’re shut down for a day for a full blown blizzard and half the place decides they have to somehow drive in; forced teleworking for COVID-19 and everyone actually stays home. Go figure…

I got home from work to the kids actually doing their school work…who would’ve expected that? Maybe this won’t be too bad. We even went on a nice walk around the neighborhood and the kids played outside until it was dark. I’m sure things will continue to go smoothly the whole time…I don’t see any way this turns ugly. Worst part was I had to drink my own beer during our monthly retro meeting rather than enjoying the free beer at work, good thing we stocked up. In hindsight, maybe I should’ve taken a growler to-go from work when I stopped by this morning. Live and learn.

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