Lorigan Lockdown – Day 0

Written by Pat on March 15th, 2020

It happened…as of today I’m directed to telework and the kids are doing remote learning from home. For at least the next two weeks (and likely a lot longer) the Lorigan clan is going to be cooped up together in the house. As we spend our days trying not to kill each other while trapped together, Shae decided I should write about the experience. I’m pretty sure this ends with a post describing why I’m never leaving the basement and never want to talk to anyone in this house ever again, but we’re not there yet so let’s go…

Thursday night word came out that the kiddos’ school (and all schools in the county) would be closing for the next two weeks. We saw this coming, but looks like Shae gets to deal with the craziness for an extra week. Sucker! Well, at least until I get the word I’m forced to work from home too.

Since it looks like we’re going to be holed up for a while, we decided to do a little shopping over the weekend. Things weren’t too insane, there was plenty of beer so I’m good for a while. We stocked up on plenty of food, but if we have to live off of what we have for too long things are gonna get weird by the end. I’m not looking forward to lentils with spaghetti sauce, but let’s see where this takes us.

Sunday evening, word came down that I’d be teleworking starting Monday. The kids also got their school assignments for the week, so at least they’ll have work to do for the week. This should be fun.

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