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Life Of The Lorigans » Blog Archive » Humps & Cruises (Mom’s Weekend in SD)

Humps & Cruises (Mom’s Weekend in SD)

Written by Pat on March 11th, 2008

A quick recap of Mom’s birthday weekend visit to San Diego.

The weekend started off with some fireworks on the way home from the airport. Not everyone would setup a fireworks show over the bay to celebrate their mom’s arrival in town, but that’s how we roll Either that, or she just happened to fly in at the right moment. I’m sticking with the version that gives me credit. (Actually, the weekend started off with me and Shae hurrying to get the guest room cleaned up from our painting adventures in time for my mom’s arrival, but we’re starting this story from when the plane touched down.)

And now time for the humps and cruises. My mom wanted to see some of Lunchbox’s dog park fun so we loaded up the pup and headed to the park. Of course, the one day we were hoping for lots of dogs the park was almost deserted. The only dogs there that showed any interest in Lunchbox were a pit bull and a black lab. The lab growled and barked at LB, and the pit bull…wow. The entire time we were there the pit bull kept trying to hump our puppy. Heads or tails, it didn’t matter…the pit humped Lunchbox any way he could catch him. The pit bull’s owners made a few half hearted attempts at pushing their dog off and LB kept trying to get the pit to run around and play, but eventually it just turned into Shae and I taking turns pushing the pit bull off of our dog. After about 20 minutes of that we got tired of dealing with the other dog and left. I swear, usually the park’s a lot more fun and entertaining. At least no one stepped in crap.

After a trip home and a quick nap, we headed out for the main attraction: a dinner cruise around the bay. Since we got downtown early (the cruise boarded at 7:30), we headed over to Seaport Village to kill some time. Walk, store, walk, store, walk, cookie, store walk. That pretty much sums up Seaport Village (from my POV; Shaes’s take: “Boats, birds, sunsets, kites, pretty.”). Eventually it was time for the cruise. Not a lot to say, except the food was good, so was the view, and overall it was a great time. Happy birthday Mom!

Pretty relaxed day. With the time change and our relaxed pace, our day was basically breakfast and a trip to the airport. No fireworks this time, but we did have the puppy with us to say goodbye.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool weekend. Of course you planned the fireworks!

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