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The Bachelor

Written by Pat on March 5th, 2009

Shae and the babies headed up to Lockwood last Thursday, so I’ve had a full week of “vacation” where all I had to worry about was work and Lunchbox. I did miss Shae and the kiddos, but it was definitely nice to be able to relax and get some rest. I’m sitting in LAX waiting for my flight to Monterey so I figure it’s time to recap my week as a bachelor.

After helping Shae get the car and the babies all loaded up and on the road, I just kind of sat on the couch and soaked in the silence. It was great to relax and watch some tv. After watching some of my non-Shae shows (24, Lost, etc.), it was off to bed.

Wow. I had forgotten what eight hours of sleep was like. Except for a quick interruption to feed the Box I got to sleep until 10. Awesome. I love having every-other-Friday off, especially if I don’t have to get up and take care of the munchkins

Anyway, after finally getting out of bed I put all my rest to work watching some more TV. Of course, Lunchbox decided he should be getting some attention so I got off my ass and we went on a little stroll around the neighborhood. Once we finished exploring the streets, I finally figured it was time to put some of my free time to use and clean the kitchen. It’s kind of nice to clean up and know that it’s going to stay clean for a while. That’s one of the benefits to not using the kitchen much.

Other than a call from Chris to set up a man-date for Saturday that was about it for Friday. It was great to do almost nothing all day. Awesome.

Another baby-free day, another eight hours of sleep. Still super. I think Lunchbox enjoyed the baby-break too because he let me sleep in way later than be used to. Good boy Mr. Box.

Around noon, Chris came over to get some help setting up a home-theater PC. I’ll spare everyone the details, but pretty much everything that could have gone wrong did. 14 hours, two cheeseburgers, and three movies later things were finally working well enough to call it a night. A task I thought would take us about three hours took until 2am. Fun.

Since I didn’t have babies keeping me at home I was able to get out and play a round of golf. There are a lot of great things about living in San Diego, but playing golf in 80 degree weather on March 1st is towards the top of the list. Nate and I met up at the course and about ten minutes later we were on the first tee. Awesome.

I’d like to say the golf was as good as the weather, but that would be a huge lie. I played pretty much the worst round of gold I’ve played in about 10 years. Of as terrible. Oh well, it was still a great day and I had a great time even with the golf “performance”.

After golf, I decided to head over to Nate’s apartment for some dinner. Since LB hadn’t been getting as much attention as he would like I loaded him up on the backseat of my car and took him with me. Nate has a five-month-old puppy so she and Lunchbox spent the evening running all over the apartment. When we finally got home the Box was exhausted. He was a happy boy.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:
Not a ton happened during the week. Basically, I got up, went to work, came home, watched TV, folded laundry, and went to bed. Not exciting, but I got plenty of rest and Lunchbox got lots of attention. Hopefully neither one of us got too used to it.

Well, it’s finally time to head up North and get back together with the family. I went into work for a few hours this morning and then hitched a ride to the airport. Shae, her dad and the babies are picking me up in Monterey and then it’s down to King City for the weekend.

I’ve definitely enjoyed my week off, but I’m looking forward to seeing Jack and Ella again. I haven’t gone more than 10 hours without seeing them since they were born so it’s been kind of weird. I’m sure they’ve changed a lot in the week they’ve been gone. Hopefully they remember me.

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