Snip Snip

Written by Pat on October 29th, 2008

Today was the big day. The day Shae and I have been (somewhat) dreading for about two weeks. That’s right, today was the day Jack got circumcised. We were hoping to get this taken care of while we were in the hospital, but the doctor wanted to wait until Jack was over 6 lbs before giving him the snip.

The appointment was today, so at 11:30 Shae and I were sitting in the lobby of the doctor’s office waiting to head back to the little exam room. As we were waiting, another set of new parents commented on the twins and made the “wow…I can’t even imagine two” comment (we get that a lot). They were there for their first exam with their 6-day-old baby. I’ve only had kids for 3 weeks and I was already thinking, “I remember those days.” Well, that and “Please don’t wake up babies. Please don’t wake up.”

Eventually they called Jack’s name and we went on back to our exam room. We stripped down Jackson, got him weighed (6 lbs, 11 oz) and then did some more waiting until the doctor showed. up. Without going into too much detail, they threw some disinfectant on his “region”, gave him a painkiller shot (Lidocaine), and then trimmed his junk. Shae and I didn’t really watch, but we did glance over from time to time to see how things were going. The highlight was when the doctor was putting on the little ring thing after the snipping and we heard, “That doesn’t fit. We better get a bigger one. Yeah, that’s better.” Just saying.

After a bit of crying, Jack is doing OK. He still isn’t very happy whenever we change his diaper, but he’s going to be fine. However, tonight during bath time we discovered a serious consequence of Jack’s junk-cut: his range has drastically increased. Before diaper changes were exciting, but the most damage he normally did was to pee all over his outfit (to the extent where yesterday Shae took away his clothing privileges and left him in a diaper the rest of the day because she got sick and tired of changing his outfit every time she changed a diaper), but tonight as he was sitting in the bathtub on the dining room table he let loose and managed to fire a shot that landed just short of our couch (about 10 feet away). A little squirt hit right next to Lunchbox and startled him. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that things are about to get a lot wetter around the house.

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