Jaundiced Jack

Written by Pat on October 10th, 2008

Well, apparently Jackson’s bilirubin levels (thank you Google) were too high on his jaundice test so he had to go camp out in a blue tanning booth for a while. They tested him a 4 a.m. yesterday, and then re-tested him around 11 and his levels were still a little high so they took him upstairs to the pediatric hospital around 4 p.m.. I know this is pretty common (both Shae and I cooked under the lights for a while when we were babies), but it still isn’t fun to have him in a different part of the hospital and it’s still kind of sad to look over at his empty little bassinet.

I spent most of last night feeding/changing Ella, then heading upstairs to feed Jack. He’s definitely got a nice little setup upstairs, and he’s pretty cute in his eye covers. He looks like he’s just lying in a tanning booth (except for the fact that it’s blue). The nice part about the whole thing is that they take a plate of food to his room each meal so I get some of the awesome hospital food that Shae has been enjoying for the past few days.

It’s about 10:30 on Friday morning right now, and Shae and Ella both have discharge papers (for whatever that’s worth), so they should be able to leave soon. I’ve already packed up all the extra diapers, wipes, burp rags, blankets, etc. (they’re lucky I left the towels) so we’re just waiting for the OK and then we’ll be gone. By “be gone” I mean that we’ll head upstairs and camp out in Jack’s room for a bit. The doctor is supposedly stopping by sometime around noon to take another look at Jackson (he checked in on him earlier this morning) and hopefully he can be discharged shortly after.

So we should be heading home sometime this afternoon, and then the fun begins. There will be some more pictures uploaded once I get home.

Here’s a pic of my little boy in his blue tanning booth:

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