Still Chugging Along

Written by Pat on September 29th, 2008

There still isn’t a lot going on, but that isn’t enough to stop me from making another list. Just an update on a few things.

  • Shae is still chugging along with the baby-growing. She’ll be 38 weeks tomorrow, which is already about two more than we ever thought she’d go. Every day the babies stay in there is a good thing, but Shae is over this whole pregnancy thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she talks them into popping out sometime this week. We’ll see.
  • We had another rodent sighting. We have confirmed it’s a mouse (and not nearly as big and scary as Shae led me to believe after her last experience with them), and I’m pretty sure it’s a single little mouse that’s stalking Shae. This time Lunchbox saw the little guy and chased him out of the house. We were so proud. Then Shae set a trap and LB almost got his tail caught in it. Quite the hunter.

That’s about it right now. Like I said, there just isn’t much going on. We’re just trying to enjoy our last few days of quiet before the babies change everything. Shae has another round of appointments on Tuesday so maybe we’ll have another update then.

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