Nesting, Leaking, and Peeing

Written by Pat on September 10th, 2008

There hasn’t been much new happening on the baby front, but I figured I should go ahead and give an update anyway.

Shae hit 35 weeks pregnant yesterday, so it’s getting close. The doctor has always said that she’d like Shae to get to 37 weeks, 36 weeks would be nice, and she wouldn’t stop them at 35. I don’t know exactly what that means except that 35 weeks is way too soon. Between non-stress tests, weekly checkups, ultrasounds, and whatever else I may have forgotten it seems like Shae visits a doctor’s office or hospital almost every day. At any one of these they could decide it’s time for the kids to come out, so I’m starting to get the impression I’m actually going to have kids. Soon. Shae has a trip to the doc and an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow so there should be some updated news.

An update on the prego:

  • She pees something like 6000 times a day. I’ve given up ever getting through a TV show without pausing for a pee-break. A movie is completely out of the question. She says it has something to do with two babies taking turns squeezing her bladder.
  • About a week ago, Shae informed me that her boobs were leaking. Uhh…gross. That’s all I’ve got on that topic.
  • Shae tells me that when we started dating her measurements were something like 36-27-36. Just for fun, she took her measurements a few days back. The results: 40-47-40. Shae thought I should share that.
  • The other night it almost happened. I almost had to get up and sleep on the couch. I know I snore a bit, but I can’t come close to competing with pregnant Shae snoring. At one point I had Shae snoring on my left and Lunchbox barking in his sleep on my right. I kept waiting for them to wake each other up. Never happened. Snore, bark, snore, bark, snore, bark…
  • Yesterday I came home from work to find the laundry hamper almost empty, the bed covered in clean, folded laundry, and missing buttons replaced on about five of my shirts. I think this is what they call nesting. I’ve been trying to get Shae to do some laundry and fix my shirts for almost two years. So, all I have to do to get my shirts fixed is put up with constant peeing, leaking boobs, and eardrum shattering snoring. Oh, and spend the next 20-something years of my life taking care of kids. Totally worth it; I was getting really low on shirts.

That’s all for now. Hopefully we’ll have some more info soon.

“*SNIFF* My cleavage smells like mac and cheese. *SNIFF* No hot dogs though.” –Shizzle

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