One Big Ass Stroller

Written by Pat on July 2nd, 2008

As promised (and requested), I posted some pics of the giant stroller.

You can find them in the baby stuff gallery.

Just to illustrate how damn big this thing is, here it is running over our poor puppy:

That’s right, my dog fits underneath my stroller. He didn’t even move.

Because I don’t think there have been enough pics of pregnant Shae on my blog:

Just so I get a little face time, here’s me practicing my baby-driving:

One other thing I noticed in these pics is that the reflectors are ridiculous (just like the rest of the stroller). It seriously looks like the thing has headlights in the pictures with the flash.

To give everyone an update on wifey, she’s doing fine except her back and her ass are killing her. Her quote, “I swear to God one of them is sitting on my ass nerve!”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow look at how svelte Pat still is! I figured you would use the empathy eating excuse. I can’t wait to rub the belly in a couple weeks.


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