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We’re Back (Again)

Written by Pat on June 5th, 2009

What else should I have expected?  Three days after we move our blog to our own domain, the server hosting our site goes down. It took several emails back-and-forth with our hosting company’s support department, but we’re back up and running now. Hopefully things will go a little more smoothly from here on out.

Update: Well, we were back down for another night but we’re back up again (at least for now). Anymore issues like this and we’ll definitely be moving to a new hosting service. (Depending on how they compensate us for almost 45 hours of downtime we may be moving anyway).

Since I’m posting, here’s a quick update on a few things:

  • Jack is finally getting his first tooth, but he is not happy about it.  Ella hasn’t made much of a fuss about teething; one day she just has another tooth. Jack, on the other hand, has decided we’re going to know when his teeth come in.  Shae said he was fussy all day, but he was in a great mood when I got home so I think she’s just making things up.
  • Shae is doing pretty good work with her photography. She had a photo shoot with some friends (Nate, Kristen, Demontre, and Reese) yesterday, and she’s working on getting a few more shoots lined up. Right now she’s just trying to build up her portfolio, but she also has a few jobs lined up during the next few weeks/months.  She has taken some great shots, so maybe it isn’t just Jack and Ella that make her photos look so good (although it helps to do most of your work on the cutest kids in the world…there, I said it).

Well, that’s about it for now. Shae’s out scrapbooking and the kiddos are asleep, so I’m going to go spend some quality quiet time with Mr. Box (if I can wake him up).

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