Is This A Joke?

Written by Pat on June 11th, 2008

Tonight Shae informed me that the babies have started producing their own hormones (that’s right, I still haven’t blocked her Internet access to the pregnancy websites). Super. If I made a list of things Shae needs right now, do you know what would be at the top? Me neither, but I know what would be at the bottom: more hormones. Thanks a lot kids. I have a feeling a lot more work is going to magically appear that will keep me at the office late. Weird how that works.

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  1. Justin LL. says:, man. It’s the best

    You can easily block all sorts of domains and ranges. I use it at work. Makes my life easier.

  2. Pat says:

    I’ve used OpenDNS in the past, but I don’t like that they point non-existent hostnames to their servers. If I try to hit an invalid website it should tell me the site doesn’t exist, not take me to an OpenDNS page. I guess once my ISP starts doing the same thing I’ll try OpenDNS again.

    Oh, and if I actually wanted to block Shae’s access it would probably take about two minutes. It’s just more fun to complain than to do anything.

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