Fuzzy Babies

Written by Pat on May 3rd, 2008

I think it’s pretty obvious that the Internet has a lot of uses. I personally waste more time that I would like to admit surfing the web, and it’s hard to imagine life before you could answer almost any question that came up with a 30 second search. So yeah, the Internet is super.

That being said, I don’t think Shae should be allowed to go online anymore. It seems like all she ever does anymore is search the web for baby info. This wouldn’t be a problem, except she seems to feel the need to share the grossest tidbits with me when I’m trying to go to sleep. Here’s some of the “highlights” from last night’s sharing session:

  • Apparently, the babies are covered in fur (aka “downy hair”). Between Shae and I these kids are destined to be hairy, but I guess right now they’re like tiny hairy monkeys.
  • You know what they do with that hair? They shed it into the amniotic fluid they’re swimming in. Then they drink the fur-fluid and poop/pee it back out into their sac.
  • So, to clarify that, the kids poop/pee into their own sac and then swim around in it (and also drink it I guess).

Who knows, maybe without the Internet Shae would be buying all the books with this info and waking me up with her gross facts anyway. I do know that the web makes it a lot easier for her to load up on info while watching TV on the couch. There are actually a lot more fun facts Shae has shared over the last few months, but I can’t remember them right now.

On a Lunchbox related note, I don’t think he knows about the Internet yet. On Thursday he found a roll of stamps and ate about 15. To follow that up, he ate one of our checkbooks on Friday. I think he’s trying to place an order from a mail-order magazine. I’m just waiting for him to crap out a filled out order form in an addressed envelope (with full postage of course).

And finally, this weekend is our neighborhood’s big yard sale. Apparently they do this every year, and there are tons of people selling stuff all over the neighborhood. We took the LB out for a nice walk and browsed most of the yard sales, but most of the good stuff was gone (if there was any good stuff to start with). Shae found some stuff for The Learning Garden, but that was about it. We were hoping to find some good baby stuff, but we hit up about 30 yard sales and found nothing. Oh well.

Other than that, there isn’t much going on. Work is fine (for both of us), Lunchbox is fine (and retaking his Canine Good Citizenship class), the babies seem to be doing great, and Shae is starting her nesting (she’s currently making some picture frames for their bedroom).

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