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Slow Times

Written by Pat on June 16th, 2009

Well, nothing much has changed since my last post. It’s weird how the babies figure something out, make no progress for weeks, and then make another major jump. Ella basically figured out how to crawl over a week ago, but since then she’s made very little progress. She can crawl well enough to get to a toy she really wants (or to get into trouble if we look away for a second), but really hasn’t gotten any better since the first or second day she figured it out. Not that I’m complaining, of course. The longer we can delay the baby chasing, the better. Jack, on the other hand, seems to have everything figured out. He’s not really into this crawling thing yet. Why crawl when you can sit on the floor and stare a the toy you want until Mommy gets it for you? Crawling is for suckers.

Even though she hasn’t quite mastered the whole crawling thing yet, Ella’s moving on. The past couple of days she’s been trying to pull herself up into a standing position using whatever is available. I actually had to tell her, “You’ve gotta crawl before you walk, baby girl.” Who would’ve thought I’d ever get to use that line literally?

Other than that, there really isn’t a lot going on. Shae has finally decided to put her love of photography to use and is starting to line up some photo shoots with some of the other moms in her “Mom’s” group, so we’ve been a little busy setting up a new website for that. Along the way, we got a couple of extra domains so we will probably be moving our blog and image gallery over to another server in the next few weeks. We really needed more space for our photos since we’re almost out of space on our picasaweb account, and we should also be able to host extra stuff (like the March Madness site) on our new server (which will be nice since it should be more reliable than my home server). Don’t worry, if/when we move we’ll make sure everything is transferred over to the new site and redirect this blog to the new URL.

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