2 Years

Written by Pat on April 28th, 2009

Tomorrow is April 28th, which means it’s been two years to the day since Lunchbox was born. There was something about a wedding on that day, too. While it’s easy to see LB is only two-years-old (he seems more like six-months), it’s hard to believe that a couple of years ago Shae and I weren’t married. Two years ago I didn’t really expect to have one kid by now, much less two. Nevertheless, here we are. Quite a couple of years.

I’ve been pretty swamped between work and home lately, so I hadn’t noticed it has been almost three weeks since the last post. I guess that means it’s time for an update on how things are going around here.

The babies are doing great. They keep growing, and their personalities keep developing like crazy. They aren’t crawling yet, but Ella’s close and they both roll enough to end up across the room if you take your eyes off them for a second. A couple of weeks ago Shae took the little ones with her up to Lockwood for a week, and it was hard to believe how different they were when they got back. They’re on a pretty good schedule lately, and are sleeping through about half the time now (Or so I’ve been told. Shae quiets them down so quick I don’t even hear them).

Lunchbox is doing his thing. As much as he acts annoyed by the new additions, he loves his babies and missed them when they were gone. Even though he got taken on lots of extra walks and got tons of attention (funny how that works when there are no babies around), he was a little depressed while they were gone. Every morning after breakfast he would run into the baby-room to see if they were there, go check Shae’s side of the bed, look at me with a sad puppy-look, and then go plop and his bed and pout until he got put out for the day. He was VERY happy to get the rest of his family back. Almost as happy as Ella was to see him. Seriously, she might be a little too into her dog; she loves him more than she loves either of her parents.

Shae’s doing fine too. She’s back on one of her photography kicks, so she’s been playing with our cameras and taking tons of pictures. That would be fine, except then she wants me to look at them. “That’s a nice picture of a window.” “Good picture of the door there.” “Oooh, that’s a great shot of a window and a door.” Repeat. Oh, and somewhere in between taking pictures she finds time to take care of the kiddos.

As for me, I’m doing fine. Work is a little crazy lately, but everything is pretty good. I took over as the lead of our web team, so now instead of doing any real work I spend all of my time answering email and preparing PowerPoint briefs. Fun. It would be nice to be able to do some development occasionally, but overall things are going pretty well at work.

That brings us to the Great Rodent War of 2009. Since our last update, things haven’t changed much. We don’t have any more casualties to report, but we’ve deployed the weapons of mass rodent-struction (AKA D-Con) up in the attic and are just waiting on the little mice to eat themselves to death. Don’t worry, we will emerge victorious.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on 2 years of bliss.
    Haven’t some other famous people had similar comments about how time simultaneously telescopes and shrinks?
    Keep the stories and pictures coming!
    Oh, despite the wonderful stories and your terrific humor, I recommend professionals for the non-paying borders. Aunt Dorothy

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